Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating: WS107


Description: For applications that require fast dry times and turnarounds on jobs, like a retail mall-space or food processing business our Polyaspartic coating is ideal. If the floor you’re coating is going to experience vehicles, fork-lifts, airplanes or other mechanical traffic, you want a coating that is made for it. Weatherskins Polyaspartic coating is that floor coating. Our Polyaspartic is designed to endure wash cycles with high-pressure hoses, high UV exposure, and even aviation fluid spills.

Uses: Coat floors that experience human & machine & vehicle traffic regularly, impact and chemical spills regularly. 

Notes: Can be used as top-coat over other Weatherskin flooring products. 

Application: Trowel, magic trowel, squeegee, brush, roller (1/2" + nap, double woven micro-fiber pad) or (dimple roller pad).

Clean With: Xylene.

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