The Pharma Room: SURFACE WASH

$4,255.85 USD

Description: The Pharma Room: Surface Wash is an ultra-pure, food-safe, and uniquely stable active (non-chlorite) achieved through colloidal suspension. ClO2 developed for everyday use. Labor-saving, no-rinse, air-dry spray or mist. The Pharma Room: Surface Wash disinfects ceilings, walls, floors, glass, tile, furniture, food prep, freezers and storage, restrooms, bathrooms, sinks, drains, pools, linens and more. Better for customers and employees. The Pharma Room: Surface Wash hospital grade disinfectant kills a broader range of infectious microbials than other general surface disinfectants and sanitizers. The Pharma Room: Surface Wash eliminates odors and won’t leave a harmful chemical residue or dry out the skin. No mixing. No measuring. Just spray and go.

Application: Spray, mop, wipe, spray, fogging

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