WS-M1 Above Ground Wall Coating

$3,718.68 USD

Description: Weatherskin has combined the water-proofing attributes of membranes, the flexibility of rubber, and the finished look of premium elastomeric paint. The finish coating acts just like a skin on your walls and can be tinted to a full spectrum of colors. Texture can also be added to the coating to achieve a stucco-like finish. The wall coating experiences less than 1% fade in exterior applications. The coating is also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and fungus resistant with zero VOC’s after curing and extremely low VOC’s during application. Designed for blistering sun and harsh winters, our non-toxic wall coating is ideal for any environment, both inside and out.

Uses: Coat primarily exterior walls in place of paint. Adheres to all common wall-board materials as well as stucco, concrete board, OSB, plywood, wood, cinder-block, brick, concrete, and vinyl. Stucco and parging textures can be achieved with silica sand additive. For metal siding first prime with WSM4: Metal Roof. 

Notes: Be careful with vinyl siding. Some vinyl is coating capable. Others are thin and not meant to be coated. Darker coatings will absorb more heat and warp these vinyl pieces. Always consult the manufacturer of vinyl siding first.

Applications: Sprayer 1600-2200 PSI (0.015” or more tip), brush, roller (3/16" - 3/8" nap, double woven micro-fiber pad) 

Clean With: Water (acrylic-borne)

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