WS-M4 Metal Roof Eco Coating

$3,539.55 USD

Description: Adhesion to metal is no problem for Weatherskin. The metal roof 2 coat system remains flexible throughout its life-span preventing hairline cracks that are common problems with other coatings. For tough, hard to seal seams Weatherskin also provides a high tensile fabric that can be used to assist in spanning large gaps and voids. The metal roof coating is also solar reflective which means long-term savings, especially on structures that rely on cooling and air-conditioning. This product is designed specifically for the abrupt weather changes that can occur in Alberta, Canada which causes the metal to expand and contract continuously throughout the day. This product is meant to experience an ice blizzard and blistering sun in the same 24 hours and not be harmed.

Uses: Tin, Galvanized, Steel, Nickel plated and other metal fabricated roofing. It also works great on fiberglass roofing on RV's and mobile homes/structures. It can also be used on metal fixtures and interior/exterior metal panels, sheeting, piping, and beams. 

Application: Sprayer 2300-2700 PSI (0.019” – 0.023” tip) ) , brush, roller (3/8" or more nap, double woven micro-fiber pad).

Clean With: Water (acrylic-borne).

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