WS-M6 Flat Roof Coating

$4,061.89 USD

Description: Our 5-layer (4 coats, 1 layer high tensile fabric) flat roofing system is unparalleled in durability and longevity. This versatile, seamless system incorporates a high tensile fabric layer that acts as a liner over your entire roof and parapet walls. The system incorporates tough to seal terminations, mechanical and other extrusions with ease. It also eliminates the need to tear off failing RBM’s, EPDM, PVC, GRP, metal panels, and asphalt by applying straight over-top of the failed roof system. This is a massive cost-saving advantage. The Weatherskin roof also reflects ultra-violet light and cuts down the energy costs of a building over its lifespan. The roof is rated for over 140 freeze/thaw cycles per year, and sports hail impact resistance up to 2.5 inches, meaning it will outlive other roof systems virtually anywhere on the planet.

Uses: Coat and waterproof flat roofs that experience ponding water. Coat over EPDM, PVC, Built-up / SBS, rubber roofing, vinyl roofing, polystyrene insulated foam roofing, fiber glass roofing, and tar & gravel roofing (remove gravel). Also great for modular homes. 

Application: Sprayer 2300-2700 PSI (0.019” – 0.023” tip), brush, roller (3/8" or more nap, double woven micro-fiber pad) 

Clean With: Water (acrylic-borne)

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