WS102 Interior Epoxy

$4,528.25 USD

Description: Weatherskin only produces zero VOC industrial grade epoxy. Comparing store-bought epoxy to industrial-grade epoxy is like comparing a bicycle to an F1 race-car. The flooring in the automotive show-room at your local luxury car dealership and the flooring designed to handle all the chemical spills in their mechanics bay is industrial grade high-traffic epoxy. The epoxy used to coat restaurants, schools, and hospitals is food and drug approved, zero VOC, industrial grade epoxy. If you are looking to coat your floors with products that are trusted to last against extreme abuse and harsh conditions, then coat your floors with Weatherskin epoxy.

Uses: Coat primarily concrete floors, and other floorings that experiences little to no movement. Common floors include garages, basements, living areas, entryway landings, hallways, lobbies, shops, maintenance rooms, kitchens, retail shops, malls, hospitals, showrooms, warehouses, bays, automotive shops, stairs and more. ALWAYS USE WS103: Exterior Epoxy as a substitute as a topcoat in spaces exposed to high sunlight/UV such as in front of a window, or apron of a garage.

Application: Trowel, magic trowel, squeegee, brush, roller (1/2" + nap, double woven micro-fiber pad) or (dimple roller pad).

Clean with: Xylene.

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