WS-M2 Below Ground Waterproofing

$3,286.68 USD

Description: WS-M2 Below-Ground is a proprietary high-performance acrylic elastomeric membrane, formulated to bond and last on virtually any substrate. WSM2 provides superior protection to any substrate against frost, extreme heat and holds strong against impact. WS-M2 can also be used as a primer for WS-M1 Above-Ground.

Uses: Coat foundations, buried pipe, tunnels, elevator shafts, IFC foam block, cinder-block, concrete, brick, drywall, wall-panels, behind shower/tub/tile, concrete board, peel and stick membranes, retainer walls, flower/garden beds, footings, pilings, posts, stilts. Also commonly used for seam sealing roof, wall, window, and door seams during framing construction. If seam sealing, immerse 4-6" fabric into the coating. 

Application: Sprayer 2300-2700 PSI (0.019” – 0.023” tip), brush, roller (3/8" or more nap, double woven micro-fiber pad) 

Clean With: Water (acrylic-borne)

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